bridal hair

bridal hair styling 


bridal trial:  $100

  -Includes consultation and trial run prior to the wedding day  

  -Held @ Tsubo  

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 wedding day:

  your location: 3 people min $110/person 

  my salon: $90/person

   *Sunday weddings are an option, but prices may vary  

   -Includes travel time/costs within Chicago, outside of Chicago fee varies  

   -Gratuity not included

 weddings @ Tsubo:

Our spacious beautiful loft is the perfect place to get ready and have photographs taken during.  It is large and far more comfortable and relaxing than most hotels and condos.  We have a parking lot and plenty of space to set up multiple hair stylists, makeup, food, dresses, and pretty much anything else  you can imaging to be a part of your preparation.  Our wedding services can include any or all of the following:





  personal training

  catered breakfast/brunch/snacks/champagne

  bus/limo pickup

  leave your extra cars and belongings for later pickup


Feel free to contact me directly for more information.